It is possible to edit a file in seahub?


I just install the last servers version of seafile.
It is possible to edit a file in directly in seahub ?



if you select the file use the buttons on the top right

so I select a file and there’s non button on the to right

I want to edit a file : I want to write a doc file directly from the web interface …

That is not possible. It only works with text files. Do not select the file. Just click on the name of a .txt file and you will be able to edit it.

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So what this notice :

Collabora Online (LibreOffice Online) and Office Web App Integration are pro features.


yesterday i read on that in 6.1 in April 2017 there will be Collabora (LibreOffice) cloud suit integration added to community edition - and i am very happy about that :slight_smile: