Just starting out

Hey there everyone, glad to be a part of the group.

We are just starting out and setup Seafile following a tutorial on the following website.


We followed everything and are now setup, only issue is that we seem to be on Server Version: 4.0.5, I do not know if this is an issue, as everything seems to be working fine.

I tried to duplicate the install with the newest seafile version on the website, however I received a bunch of errors. Sorry Totally new to this software.

I did see there is an upgrade path but I thought it might be quicker to wipe the server and just install seafile newest version from scratch (again not a Linux guru so that is probably incorrect)

Any help would be great in getting this up and running


Actually to clarify, its already functioning, I just do not know if we have to have the upgrade, or should we wipe it out and start from scratch with the newest version?

I am guessing for the base install that guide will probably be roughly the same?

I know when we tried to follow the upgrade path it said “cannot find ini”

Yeah I’d definitely do that. I’d follow https://manual.seafile.com/deploy/using_mysql.html and use Centos instead of Ubuntu

Can you point out why Centos is better then Ubuntu for Seafile?

Well Centos is superior distro cause it has more stable packages (ideal for server), longer lifespan (once again, ideal for server), better community (subjective, but at least I find that to be the case) and it has just been overall better (no downtime in past year, no broken updates (the meltdown patch for Ubuntu fucked many machines) and I prefer the kernel)

Well irrespective of the OS choice we cannot just remove the OS right now as even though Seafile is limited in this older version (and seems to love to disconnect the clients quite often) we have active uploads coming in. If we take the site down it will cause a mess. After March 15th we can probably reformat the OS.

I wish there was a way to just move the version to the current version.

Btw to combat the “disconnect” we just kill the client every few hours and it reconnects when we restart the client.

I did read the link you sent, I should have mentioned that the Ubuntu release we have has LAMP installed, which has all the primary things needed in that article pre installed.

I do not know i that makes a difference or not.

I find that article to be confusing and it isn’t really meant to help you build production ready seafile (no memcached for example) I would read the whole manual.seafile.com and then install the latest seafile.

Do not use centos is you are not familiar with Linux. It is more complex than any debian based system.
If you want a stable kernel you can go for debian and not ubuntu.

Doesnt really matter WHAT OS distro we use, all that matters is Seafile is out of date. Also that we cannot update this at all until after March 15th, like we stated.

For now Seafile seems to be functioning somewhat

thanks everyone