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i’m not sure Kaspersky still a good choice in term of privacy.
After USA, Dutchland and UK …

It is the same situation with most anti malware protections. E.g. Windows defender is also hard to disable on windows and even uses “cloud protection” by default - it would be more honest to directly say we upload everything we want to have.

I’m not convinced that these products have value, anymore. All of them fail to detect malware I get in my inbox today, but are going to detect it in a few days - but that obviously is too late. They also significantly slow down disk operations (two years or even more I thought Thunderbird couldn’t handle hundred of thousands emails on windows - it turned out without any of this garbage it works pretty well).

From a privacy point of view only those solutions that only download the signatures and do everything else offline are acceptable.


Anti Virus is always shit and a risc itself. You should use Linux or use Defender. My well configure Win XP never got a virus for years (Today, I just use it 8-10 times a year) from outside without a antivirus. Just keep everything updated or disable it. But if you care well for your Linux you’ll never get any Issues.

About Kaspersky: The USA ist just angry that Kaspersky get their “secret” 0-Day-Exploits because of their stupid Ex-Worker. Now that’s their revenge to them because they but it into their database.

All in all, if you use Windows, you’ll be observed anyway. You should just take a look what you can disable with the Win10 Privacy Keeper.

Isn’t Privacy Keeper only for IE? Or am I thinking about the wrong one? What I use to lock down Windows is Spybot Anti Beacon. It does a great job of blocking network traffic to Microsoft. Freed up some bandwidth for me, and reduced the amount of targeted ads.

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I wouldn’t go that far. Windows also works fine without using Defender or any other protection software. It is also not less secure.

No matter how well configured it is, using Windows XP with network is a significant risk. I strongly encourage against doing so.

The idea of this thread is because KAV is used in Pro Edition.
Imo, if they want to continue to use an AV, keep an eye on european solutions like Gdata, Fsecure.

That’s why, if you read article, it talks about Dutchland and UK.

Isn’t it possible to use ClamAV?

It is very unlikely that Gdata and fsecure are any better.

Furthermore I think there is a missunderstanding: Seafile works with most anti virus solutions and Kaspersky is just one possible solution. Virus scans will only be performed after configuring them.