Keep needing to restart server (windows 10)

I’ve recently installed seafile server onto Windows 10. I’m on community edition. It took more than 24 hours to sync all my local data up to the server. I period I expect. No problem there! I have clients on linux and windows and also on a single smartphone.

All worked just fine until… all my data finished syncing up to the server.

Now I find that when there is no sync activity my clients wont connect to the server because the server does not appear to run. Perhaps it is, but either way I need to restart the server to get things happening again.

I have installed the Windows service. Experimented with few rules to reconnect if it goes down but I still have problems.

Looking at the status of the connection using the windows dialogue etc, indicates the server is still running yet my clients wont connect until I force a restart.

Could someone please shed some light on what I need to do to keep the server running as this is a complete deal breaker for me and totally un-useable for my needs. Is what I am experiencing the expected behaviour?

The icon on the server system tray has a green tick… What does that men exactly??? A client is connected?? either way… green tick or not, things don’t work until a restart…

Then again after some time has past (not much) then back to square one… clients wont connect!

Please helpl

always check logs first. right click on your client icon and choose open log folder