Last Android app version shows empty libraries in my private server

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First of all I tried to find here at the forum the same issue, but I didn’t. I’ve only found it at Google Play comments.
After the last update, I can see my libraries, but if I try to access any of them, they seem empty. If I uninstall and install an older version, I can see the content again.

My server is a 2.1.4 version. I would like to know if my server is not compatible with Android app anymore, or if it is an issue that can be resolved. The installation wasn’t made by me and I’m not sure of the configuration. Before upgrading I’m testing with other machine to make sure that I’m not going to lose any information. Moreover, I have many users so I have to schedule an upgrade out of work hours.

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This is a compatibility problem. You have to upgrade the server to newest version.

Thank you for your help Daniel,

I hoped that this wasn’t a compatibility problem, but at least now I know for sure that I have to update.

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I also have this same issue with the Android client. I upgraded the server to 6.0.1 but still libraries show as empty. The desktop client works great. Any ideas?


Did you try to reinstall the app?

Thank you, a reinstall of the app did the trick. I can see the files now.

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I finally updated to 6.1.2 server version and Android App synchronizes properly.