Latest version of memcached? Does it work?

I have started to “learn” Memcached as that was the next step on my list to get a good understanding of Seafile.
What I did discover was that almost every distro uses version 1.4.25 of Memcached but the latest stable version according to there webpage is version 1.5.3.

So what I’m wondering is if someone have tried to run 1.5.3 with Seafile?

Hi, @Calby. Every distribution using package versions for best result. It’s not recommended to install third-party repositories if you don’t know what you doing or you are a developer which want to us it/test it on your software. For example after adding official MariaDB repository to get latest stable 10.2 version on Debian cause crash almost all packagest using lib-mysql(include Seafile). Guys behind Linux distros testing and wrapping every package to get compatible with other one in their repository and keeping their version. Of course, you can install it you can test, it can work, but if you want your server keep stable be aware of third-party repositories. Then you don’t have to administrate it every day and you don’t have to check your services after every system upgrade(not mean system version upgrade). Keep in your mind that memcached is support app no end-point app. So it’s not problem to add Seafile repo for client, because it’s end-point app which is not used by some other app, but memcached is used by dozens of apps(maybe system too but I think not) same as mysql libs for example. After many years of using Linux as desktop and server, I’m just take a simple question “Do I really need latest version?”. Keep in mind that distros authors giving you security updates, so if is there some security bug in package, they fix it without needing to give you latest version from upstream.

This is just warning for you to save you from wasting your time behind CMD and solving problems. Do what you mean is best for you. And no I didn’t try it and not going to :slight_smile:


The only 3rd party I have updated is the MariaDB repository and the one for NGINX that because 16.04 LTS was why back and I did google and found out that it should work with Ubuntu 16.04 without any issues.

So then I guess that I should just leave Memcached as it is, I can’t find anything stating that the newest stable version are working.