LDAP-authenticated users not displayed in user list

I’m running Seafile CE 6.3.4, and using user authentication via LDAP. This works mostly as expected, the user can log in and once they have done this for the first time, they are created in the LDAPUsers table in the database and can use Seafile just like normal users.

However, they do not appear in the admin panel’s user list, though I can access their setting page via seafile-baseurl/useradmin/info/user-id/. Adding their uids to groups, or to the list of admins etc. works as well, and in those lists they then appear, with their settings pages linked. It appears that only the user list is affected.

What could be the reason for this? Or is this by design? If so, it is extremely inconvenient, because I have to look at the raw database to check which users seafile knows about.