LDAP_BIND failed

I’m using seafile for one year.
Few days ago I’m move seafile from Win 2008 r2 to win 2012 r2.
Some users told me that they can’t login to seafile server.
I’m saw in ccnet.log following lines:
[05/31/17 20:08:16] user-mgr.c(277): ldap_bind failed for user CN=??? ??? ???,OU=xxx,OU=xxx,DC=yyy,DC=local: Invalid Credentials.
[05/31/17 20:08:16] user-mgr.c(415): Password check for user@yyy.local failed.

But I’m loggin to seafile server with this error, however other users can’t login in the same time.
And my test account failed to login with this issue.

May be there problem in locale settings. My DC and Seafile server using 866 codepage
My inviroment:
Win 2012 R2

upgraded from 5.0.3