LDAP Broken under Seafile 8.0.1 Server

I just tried upgrading to 8.0.1 server from 7.1.5 as per the instructions (installing libmysqlclient-dev, future, mysqlclient etc. in advance) - this is on Ubuntu 18.04.

After installation, none of the accounts which authenticate against LDAP would log in (either through the web interface or desktop client) - however, local seafile accounts would authenticate fine.

There was no clue in the log files what was failing.

Reverting to 7.1.5, and the LDAP accounts all work fine (i.e. not an obvious problem with the LDAP server).

Is this a known issue for 8.0.1?


I would like to add myself to this error. Can you please tell us whats wrong. Error is still in version 8.0.2. The Users are still in the ccnet usermgr database. But are not shown in the ldap imported tab on the web-interface.
I can’t find any errors in any seafile log.

We can’t reproduce the problem in version 8.0.2 yet. Can anyone confirm this problem on 8.0.2 too?

I don’t know about Matthew but my problem was with the custom build from Arch AUR. This will be fixed with 8.0.2-2. Thanks Daniel.


I had the same issue trying to migrate from 7.1.5 to 8.0.3.

No error in ccnet.log and nothing in all other log. Except seahub saying it activate captcha after too much logging error.

I added a local admin to be able to connect, it seems there is no issue with the database but no user are loaded from ldap, neither in ldap imported tab.

After 2 hours of research, I rollback to 7.1.5. Ldap auth works again.

Is there any new package or python dependency mandatory for ldap in community edition ?
Did someone manage to migrate to 8 with ldap ?

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I have the same issue after migrating from 7.1.5 to 8.0.3 - I am not able to login and the error message in the UI is Incorrect email or password.
There is no error in any of the logs.

The moment I switch back to 7.1.5 everything works as expected.

I am using community edition.


Same issue on ARM with a really old install on ARM (build https://github.com/haiwen/seafile-rpi/releases/download/v8.0.3/seafile-server-8.0.3-buster-armv7.tar.gz)

Maybe a specific issue to ARM ?

Tried to launch seafile with this enviroment variable to debug SEAFILE_DEBUG=all but it looks like that change nothing about log level. Someone know how to enable full debug ?

I was able to migrate with LDAP to version 8 from version 6 on x86-64.


I forgot to mention that my issue is happening on a Raspberry pi, so yes, maybe this is specific to ARM…

@daniel.pan, I would like to offer more information, is there anything I can do? BTW, thanks for a great product, I am using Seafile for years now, without any major issues.

I can’t help much. The Raspberry pi version is maintained by the community. We don’t build it ourselves.

@daniel.pan how can I enable full debug mode in ccnet ?

ccnet-server is removed in 8.0. Function is moved to seaf-server component.

Maybe a flag --enable-ldap is missing when compiling the seaf-server component for ARM.