LDAP Shares question

I have a question regarding LDAP.

I have 2 users: User 1 and User 2. These users are stored into my AD server(Windows 2012). I have a File Server too(Windows 2012) which stores my seafile-data folder.

I have configured LDAP in ccnet.conf so these 2 users can now log in to my Seafile Server.


  • Can I give these users access to shares which are either on the AD/File Server through Seafile?


Greetings and thanks in advance!

You want to share seafile-data folder to users over Windows Share(or AD) and setup this via Seafile? Or I’m lost in your question. Why you want to share seafile-data folder? Why you using this share if you have Seafile server?

Ok, I realise this must be confusing for outsiders. I’m interning at a company and I’m trying various things, pushing Seafile to its limits. Seeing what it can do, cannot do, and so on.

One of the things they asked me to do is put the data of the Seafile server on another sever(which I did), so the data would be safe if the Seafile server failed. Just for the purpose of testing. Now they asked me to implement LDAP so users of the AD can login to Seafile. This I did.

Now they ask me if it’s possible that users can access shares(not libraries) BY USING Seafile. So let’s say User 1 can access shares 2 and 3. Can User 1 login to Seafile and access those shares by using Seafile?

If I get you right. You have some files out of Seafile server shared over Windows share and you want to control(and see) this files over Seahub(Seafile web interface)?

Yes, is that possible?

No, you have to sync this files to seafile. But you can install client on the server where should be your shares. Sync folder with seafile. Share folder on server. Then you have what you want. You can see files on Seahub and you can access them over windows share.

Okay, thank you for the workaround!