LDAP sync - after disabling user - seafile doesn't enable user

Hello everybody!
Maybe somebody of you encountered same problem as me today.
So the issue is:
Via FreeIPA we disabled temporary one user account and after re-enabling the user account, all services worked, took the update via ldap, but not seafile. It recognizes user account as disabled.
Enabling it manually through admin panel and updating through ./pro/pro.py ldapsync, it says that user should be disabled and because of option DEACTIVE_USER_IF_NOTFOUND = true
it disables once again the user. Also if on ldap, it results active.
If creating new user, ldap sync works perfectly, but if disabling it and enabling again. Nothing, for seafile it results disabled anyways.
By the way, trying to enable user account and making it login with the password, doesn’t work.
pro.py ldapsync --test works and connects without any issues. Also on other server and services, no issues.

In case, if somebody had the same problem, please, let me know.

Many thanks in advance!

is your server up2date?

Yes, it is.