LDAP User Import with Attributes

Does somebody know if it is possible on Seafile Server 6.0.7. Community Editon to automatically set the profil information by importing Attributes from AD via LDAP.

My idea behind this is that when a user which granted access to log in on Seafile via LDAP Import, logs in for the first time, the system should set his name, position and number by Active Directory Attributes.

name = @displayname
position = @department
number = @telephoneNumber

Isn’t there any config in the Seafile Program folder that you can overwrite? I just want to know if its possible to add some tasks to the LDAP Import function.


New User added in the AD → Seafile recognized and connected to the AD user object → when the user logs in for the first time → LDAP imports user with email as login attribute ← now at this point Seafile should also import AD attributes for the user settings in seahub that I can declare in the config

Name(Name) → displayname
Bereich(Department) → department
Telefon(Telephone) → telephoneNumber

Can anyone help?

For anyone is interested in:

This can be managed by creating an active directory view from user attributes in the mysql instace and apply them, after several checks for example comparing them with the ccnet-db.ldapusers, to the seaub-db in profile_profile and profile_profiledetailed.