Let Seadrive use the maximum allotted space

I have a laptop with a 2tb drive dedicated to seadrive, and a server with about 10tb of files. I enjoy using seadrive/seafile to make the laptop feel like it has a 10tb drive as well.

One issue that gets in the way for me is the aggressiveness of the local cache clearing. For example, if I access/download a large file, then the same file later again that day, often the file will have to be re-downloaded, even if the drive still has lots of free space available to keep it.

This causes a workflow involving frequent use of “always keep on this device”, which is invariably forgotten, causing the drive to fill up, then having to hunt for old files to “free up space”. It also makes unplugging from the network challenging, because one has to foresee, and preplan, for every file they may need while away, then apply “always keep on this device” on each.

What would nice is for Seadrive to use the maximum available space allotted to it, and only remove files as needed, starting with the least recently accessed. Clients would have a predictable rolling copy of all their most recent files. In my case 2tb worth, allowing me to unplug with ease, knowing that I will almost always have any file I need. It also solves the issue of over-downloading “hot” files that are being worked on frequently over a few days or weeks.

There is an option in the settings dialog to change the cache size limit.