Libc - do_general_protection Problem

seaf-server crashes regularly with error coming from libc:

seaf-server[30931] general protection ip:7f3608beccc0 sp:7f35c9fe9a20 error:0 in[7f3608b9e000+1c0000]

Is there a different libc that you could supply us with?

We are running Seafile Professional 6.3.13 on ubuntu 16.04 LTS in a cluster setup.

Which package do you run? The one with Ubuntu in the name or the one without (which is for CentOS or similar)?

we use the package without “ubuntu”.

Are you saying, that we should be using the one with “ubuntu” in its name? What exactly are the differences?

The package with ubuntu in the name is built on Ubuntu and is intended to be used for Ubuntu and Debian. So you should use it.