Libraries gone after upgrade from 6.0.6 to 6.1.1

Hi there,

I upgraded from 6.0.6 to 6.1.1 today ( followed by and got no error messages.
When I then logged in with my user it says “You have not created any libraries”.
The used space of my account is still at ~70gb though.
Furthermore, I can’t enter the admin area. Or I can but it only shows a kind of broken screen with a seafile logo, Yes and No buttons a “File Upload” heading and a “Cancel All” button.
Until now upgrades where no problem (I use the same instance since version 3).

Is there any way I can get my libraries back?
Or just downgrade?

EDIT: I just “downgraded” by pointing the softlink “seafile-server-latest” back to 6.0.6 and my Libraries are back.
But during the upgrade it said something about DB migration so not sure how that will play out…

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I had the same problem, seafile 6.1.1 on a new server, webgui is broken, with version 6.1.0 then updating 6.1.1, everything works …

So, apparently the seahub service didn’t stop before the update but hang around.
Therefore the updated seafile service was using the old seahub service (or vice versa) which obviously didn’t play nice.
After a reboot of the machine both services are now on the new version and it seems to work fine.