Libraries ok but no data access on raspberry server

Hi everybody,

Some electrical blackout condemn me to reinstall Raspbian and to copy-paste all my seafile folders (v. 6.3.4) on my new home (same user). All my data (seafile-data) are on a not corrupted usb key (/media/usb).

I used seaf-fsck to check my libraries, it doesn’t report errors. But when I navigate in my libraries (seafile client or WebUI), I can see all the tree but I can view or download any file. 🥺

On the other hand I can view files in snapshots. But I cannot either download them. And if I restore some version, there’s no error but I cannot view or download too.

My data are present, I suppose the error is not so critical. :thinking:

Someone can help me ?

I don’t know howbut it works back !