Libraries with "%" in name can not be shared (pro 7.0.9)


Seafile Pro 7.0.9

A user can create a library with a “%” in its name, like “100% free”. He sees the library an can upload files to it. If he shares this library with another user, this user sees the library under “Shared with me”, but if he wants to open it, only an empty page appears. The link looks like this:


If I delete the first “%” from the link (/100%20free/), it can be opened.

Is this a problem with seafile or with my webserver?


@daniel.pan : can this be fixed?

We will check the problem.

I don´t have proble with this libraries

I can confirm the problem, if and only if the % is at the end of the library name.

So, how does the link of the shared library look like if you want to open it in a web browser?

I created two libraries -> and this is the link:

100% free -> 100%%20free
Free 100% -> Free%20100%

Trying to open the shared libraries only gives a blank page, no matter what browser I use (Chrome, Edge, Firefox). There’s no problem opening the libraries with the Seafile client.

The bug can be reproduced. The fix will be included in the next release.

Just installed 7.0.10. The bug has been fixed.

Thank you very much :+1: