Library is too large to sync

I just installed SeaDrive 2.0.15 on Windows 10, sync with Seafile Pro 8.0.4.
Then SeaDrive gives a warning about one library is too large to sync. What to do now? The lib is around 170GB.

Will I need to split to multiple libraries?
What is the size limitation of a library?


I assume the library contains a lot of files/objects, right?

In this case, you need to set a parameter in seafile.conf: Seafile Professional Edition - Seafile Admin Manual

It contains nearly 200K files. I will try to change as you suggested.

I am facing the same issue.

Set the parameters in seafile.conf as follows:

max_sync_file_count = 10000000
fs_id_list_request_timeout = 600

Then I ran restart and restart. But the Client still displays: Library too large to sync.
Any help?


You should adjust the timeout too.

i did the same thing, still says library too large to sync

where I can find this seafil.conf file ?

The default path is /opt/seafile/conf. But can be different, depending on where you untarred the tar.gz.

If you use docker, the default path is /opt/seafile-data.

Thanks, I have found it. there is a config.db file. How can I open it? I have already tried with notepad or notepad ++, but its not working

This is a sqlite file. Don’t open it with a text editor. You can use this:

But: What do you intend to do? Do you know what you do?

I just want to remove this error that says the library is too large to sync. I am not super familiear with db files.

I have edited the config.db file. and added the parameters that have mentioned earlier in this topic. still have the error

I answer my own question: By your actions, it’s clear that you don’t know what you do.

Please read the thread carefully again. Then you should realize that you need to modify your Seafile server’s configuration file. (You fumbled with the client’s conf file.)

this worked for me

I will note that, on updating from Seafile CE to Pro, these entries are not added to the seafile.conf. So some (apparently quite low?) defaults are used instead.

Hi Bhugh,

Correct, I had the same issue when changing over to Pro so they must use some pretty low defaults and I had to manually add this to my seafile config section.

Hi Mohamad,

To fix this, please see below:

Through Repos (not docker, github script):

  • cd /opt/seafile/conf
  • sudo su seafile
  • nano seafile.conf
  • Add the following under the [fileserver] section:
  1. fs_id_list_request_timeout = 600
  2. max_sync_file_count = -1
  • Press Ctrl + X > type Y > Return > Return
  • cd …/seafile-server-latest
  • ./ stop
  • ./ start

This should fix your issue. You may need to delete and re-add the account to your SeaDrive (as I had to, to get it to re-sync the libraries properly).

Any issues, please let me know!