Library missing after restore


I’ve setup a seafile server on a Raspberry pi and am just testing the backup and recovery, as described here

I’ve followed all the steps above but all my libraries seem to have disappeared. The recovery steps I have taken are:

-Imported MySQL DBs (seahub-data, seafile-data & ccnet) from backup
-Copied backup of /etc/seafile/install (ccnet conf logs pids seafile-server-6.0.8 seafile-server-latest seahub-data)
-Copied across seafile-data directory, which in my case is on a mounted USB stick /mnt/usb and checked this is correct in seahub.ini

I’ve tried, which reports no errors. Server is being run as user “pi” and not root.

Appreciate any other pointers or checks I can run to diagnose the problem!


You can check seafile.log to see if there are any errors.

Ah, didn’t think to check. Sadly nothing in the log, it’s like a link is mssing in the DBs somewhere and it just isn’t seeing the files :disappointed: