Library not downloading, blocking all other downloads, cannot be cancelled

Have just installed Seafile on new OS and been synchronising our organisation’s Seafile libraries. Worked for most of the libraries, but when I got to “Library X” and hit “Synchronise this library” it just sat there, with no downloading or uploading occurring. Tried other libraries and they did the same thing. Tried restarting it and the same thing. There is an option under each to “Cancel this download”, but it does nothing. A window pops up saying “Download cancelled”, but it remains unsynchronisable and the “Cancel download” option is still there. Have also tried restarting PC. Can you advise what may have gone wrong?

I installed it yesterday on Debian 8 following the installations on this page here:

Thanks in advance for any help

Ed, Bristol Braille Technology

You can check seafile.log on the client. You can find and open the log folder by right clicking the tray icon.

Thanks for responding Jonathan. After following the instructions on the link above there is no tray icon. I can launch via command line or applications menu, but doesn’t create tray icon.

I cannot see another way of accessing the seafile.log.



EDIT: Forgot to mention; this is Debian 8 with XFCE on Thinkpad x230i.

The log files are in ~/.ccnet/logs