Library owner not shown, error with shared libraries (PLEASE HELP)

suddenly we found a problem.
When we go to the admin interface, the libraries appear without owner (only “–” is shown). If changing the owner, after reloading the page the owner disappears again.
In the user browser interface, if we look at the shared libraries (i.e. libraries shared with a group) we get an “Error” message (just that, “Error” in red) instead of the library list.

What could be wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Pedro_Fuentes which Release? CE or Profesional Version?

it’s CE.
The weird thing is that using a client (Windows, Mac, Mobile) you can see properly the libraries shared with you and groups, but with the browser access, we just see this “Error” message.

Pedro, Pedro, :slight_smile: which release, the last one - 6.1.1?