Libriary for admin feature doesn't work

Hi! We just started to use Seafile and can not understand one thing. How to make libriaries could be created by administrators only? I mean users can only use existing folders.

I tried to uncheck ENABLE_USER_CREATE_ORG_REPO option but users can still create folders and libriaries.

I can add that neither “Allow user to create encrypted library”, nor “DISABLE_SYNC_WITH_ANY_FOLDER” options does not work - checking and unchecking these checkmark no effect.

Maybe we have not configured the service correctly?

If you are using pro version, you can use the Roles and Permissions feather to disable someone to create a library by setting the can_add_repo permission to False.

Thanks but I use Community Edition on my own server.

Are these settings from initial message available in Community Edition?

No, it’s only available in pro version.