Linux client does not show encrypted libraries

I’m using the Seafile Drive Client 1.0.9 on Ubuntu 19.10 Linux. My Seafile server is 7.0.5 CE. The Client does not list the encrypted libraries under “My Libraries”. The windows client does have the feature.
When I go to some file or folder within an encrypted library and try to do an “open via client”, the browser shows an error such as "
seafile://openfile?repo_id=3cf69fa3-e97f-4c85-b2f7-693dbc4ece20&path=/Photos". Obviously the browser does not know the “protocol”, but I won’t expect that the Linux client would be able to open the file if I can tell the browser to use the Seadrive client to open the file.
Are encrypted libraries still not supported by the Linux client?

Hi Elm,
welcome to the Seafile Community Forum.
The SeaDrive client - no matter the platform - “still” does not support encrypted ibraries.
It is on the roadmap for SeaDrive 2.0 slated for summer 2020.