Linux Client shows sync error

New to Seafile. This is for my understanding, probably not a bug. Yesterday I deleted a file server-side in the web interface. Now I noticed a ! with the client in my system tray. On mouseover, I see a sync error. And the description points to the deleted file. Am I supposed to delete files or folders only in the client to prevent messages about a sync error?

No, it should be fine to use the web interface. It might be that there was some local change to the file that had not been uploaded or some other minor issue.
Just in case, you can always create some dummy file using the client and then delete it in the web interface just to see whether this also results in an error. If so, it’s time to investigate further.

Doing what you suggested shows the item that I deleted server-side in the client with an ! saying, the library was deleted on the server. I guess that is the wanted behavior.

The whole library? If you just delete a file from a library, that should not happen.

Sorry, of course not the library, but the file :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. I don’t get an error message when I delete a file using the web interface so this is not the intended behavior I’d say.