Linux GUI and CLI compatibility


My plan is to run the CLI client when my Lubuntu computer boots, so it will start syncing before user login.
I leave this computer running all the time and when I login my files are already up to date :slight_smile:
But after login I’d like to start using the Seafile GUI client.

I read somewhere that the GUI and CLI client can use the same config files, right? So it should be quite easy to get going. But I’m wondering what happens when I open the GUI client while the CLI client is still running… Would this cause problems? Should I manually quit the CLI client before I open the GUI client?

Synchronization running over seaf-daemon and client connecting to this daemon. So I guessing that have two clients running in same time shouldn’t be problem. But I’m not sure, so you have to try.

It seems to be working. I’ve enabled syncing from the GUI client and enabled the CLI client to start on boot as per these instructions: . I’ve confirmed syncing is working and couldn’t notice any issues when opening the GUI client while the CLI client is running.

But the next morning all of my libraries were un-synced. I don’t know why this happend. Just to be sure I now disabled the two un-sync options in the preferences (when the remote library isn’t available or the local folder isn’t available).

Will see if this happens more often.