Listing starred files is very long

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Sorry for my Google translate English.
Seafile 5.1.3 x64 linux
Listing starred files is very long. Process “seaf-server” load CPU 100%. No logs
Previously, it worked for Raspberry Pi 1 (512Mb RAM). With version ~4.3,
I migrate to the minipc, MariaDB and memcached. But the problem was not
Library size ~80 Gb. Starred files over 1150 (50kb-20mb per file. Pictures).
MiniPc: Intel Celeron J1900 1.99GHz, 4096 Gb RAM, HDD SATA2
Ubuntu 14.04.4 x64

time curl …/api2/starredfiles/
0,04s user 0,01s system 0% cpu 3:41,00 total

The problem is because we don’t implemented pagination for starred files. Because we think in normal usage case, there should not be more than 100 starred filed.

Can you share your use case? Why 1000+ starred files?

A large collection of photos and this is the best photo

But why CPU load 100% It’s the simple listing from database

select * from base_userstarredfiles;
1175 rows in set (0.01 sec)

from API request
number of files: 1175
respone size: 871k
respone time: 2m 18s

files from dir:
number of files: 4092
respone size: 657k
respone time: 1,797s

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