Little language bug


I just installed this on the laptop of “a student Spanish” today and i saw not all text was translated to spanish (some stayed english).

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Please let me know what version of “this” are you installing and which strings remained untranslated.


hmm should have made a screendump :{
It was clean install of 5.1 on a windows 10 machine for my cousin (and he was in hurry to leave).

I remember seeing five lines, 3 in spanish (which i don’t understand), 2 in english.
Ithuoght it was easy to find for you, but obviously i will give more infor the next time…

I thought i could reproduce this on my own machine ( which i just tried), but no luck.

Kind regards

According to transifex site:
all strings are translated into spanish. Maybe the strings you saw in english are not tagged for translation.