Local user password change


As I can see with my 6.0.7 Pro server version, when a local user (no LDAP or Shibboleth) authenticate for 1st time, he need to change his password. But he can chose the same password… the same thaht he received by email etc…
I think it would be great to add a verification to forbid this kind of behavior.

Maybe it’s already done in new versions ? but I see nothing in changelog about that.
Thank you

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You may want to recategorize this under the “Feature Request” category.

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In Seafile CE 6.2.5 it’s already been made.

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Thanks for the update @bionade24. I’m still on 6.2.4, so I was unaware.

Thank you for the information :slight_smile: ,
I don’t see anything about this in changelog on manual.seafile.com.