Log accessed download links


is there any possibility to log/monitor accessed download links (either community or pro edition)? I would like to know if and when someone has accessed the documents provided via a download link.

The ideal solution would be if an email would be send out when the documents are accessed. This is a functionality which my sales department would like to have after testing Tilkee.


You can check the file access audit log on Seafile pro edition.

Further more, add this to seahub_settings.py to force an anonymous user to provide a valid e-mail before he/she can access the shared link page.

# For un-login users, providing an email before downloading or uploading on shared link page.
# Since version 5.1.4

Thanks for the information.
I tested it with a test installation of the pro version and it worked as described.

However, only the admin can read the access logs. Is there some way so that each user who creates a download link will be informed via email (or any other means) when someone opens the shared files?


For upload share link, user who created the link will be noticed here when someone uploads a file. And an email will be sent if the notification stay unread for a period of time.

For download share link, you can only check how many times the link has been visited.