Log explaination

I recently generalized Seadrive usage, since then many clients have issues,

  • Missing files/folders
  • not synchronized files
  • lost modifications on files
  • files size suddenly is 0Ko

I have difficulties to identify what is users errors, and what is SeaDrive real problems.
As I don’t want to occupy your time with false problems, I need to understand log entries.
Can you explain these errors :

  • sync-mgr.c(4319): Failed to index in repo , skip.
  • fuse-ops.c(1362): Failed to read Input/output error
  • file-cache-mgr.c(2330): Failed to stat : No such file or directory.

Do you use the latest version of SeaDrive? Many issues in the past are gone since SeaDrive 2.0.4.

SeaDrive 2.0.4 deployement is on his way but not completed yet, and yes it seems to fix most of our troubles.
But few users still have issues…