LOGO_PATH = 'custom/mylogo.png'?

I’m wondering if this is the same logo that you can change in the WebGUI? or is this for something else?
The reason I’m asking is because this one is in a other size then the one in the WebGUI.
You can change this in the seahub_settings.py file.

Yes it’s old settings from age before you was able to change logo over Seahub administration. You can setup LOGO_WIDTH or LOGO_HEIGHT but I recommend you use Seahub administration (it’s should have bigger prioritity).

@daniel.pan I think there should be some option in seahub_settings.py marked as deprecated, cause it’s look little bit schyzofrenic. A lot of settings have double configuration and people are missmatched what it do.
But for keep already installed Seafile services it’s should be only deprecated and produce some kind of notice/warning, and be removed after few versions. What you mean?

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Settings py is not deprecated. It is possible to disable web configuration and I recommend that for everyone.


We have a cluster environment and to my knowledge, it is not so easy to make the settings via the admin interface.

Yea, that’s true and I forgot it. But there’re tons of questions about double settings so I wanted to improve this for make it clear for new/unexperience users.

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