Looking for Seafile Server 7.1.3 for raspberry Pi


I plan to update seafile server on my raspberry.
So I’m looking for Seafile Server 7.1.3 for Raspberry Pi.
Is there a place with it ?

Thanks a lot.

I don’t think so. In my opinion it is worth to wait until the CE 7.1.4. Are you aware of the python implications?

I’m not used with Python, but I know I have python 2.7, 3.5 and 3.7 installed on my raspberry. (dpkg command)
And my 7.0.5 version of Seafile run with python 2.7.

No problem to wait for 7.1.4, but when I read “we no longer bundle python libraries with Seafile package”,
I think it will be the same with 7.1.4.
Anyway, I trust you if you say it’s better to wait.


indeed, this is the new approach for some of the py packages, but not for all. There are like minimal “mandatory” packages which are shipped with seafile -this is the same like in the old releases (7.0., 6., …)
BTW, the devs released today the tags for v7.1.4-server and since few hours are available :slight_smile:

The rpi compilation for 7.1.4 went good. Just the seafdav process issue… maybe a race condition or logic… don’t know though…but thinking for a workaround.