Mac SeaDrive .pkg installer

As there is no .pkg installer for Mac version of SeaDrive, I was trying to build my own using JamF Composer.
I’m unsure which files to include however, can someone provide a list.

Alternatively, and even better, a direct .pkg installer download would be great. Now one can only download the .dmg with the That ones tries to install the kext when first opening, leaving the (non-admin) end user with a admin login/pass dialog box.

Bottom line is that we need to be able to mass-provision to our Mac users without admin intervention for each install.

Have you found a solution to deploy seadrive client with jamf on multiple mac ?


We’re in the same situation as Roeland.
Do you have a solution ?



I don’t think it’s the issue with package format. MacOS now requires user confirmation when installing kernel extensions. The user has to have admin right to allow it in the system settings.

Hi @Jonathan,
We would like to deploy seadrive on approximately 200 Mac.
Mac users do not have administrator rights.
MacOS require to approve the application on security setting (MacOS 10.13+), because the developer is not approved by apple and seadrive need administrator rights to install kernel extension.
Have you a solution to deploy on multiple mac ?

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According to I believe that a non-admin user need and can approve a kernel extension. The kernel extension we use (OSXFuse) is correctly signed and should be recognized by Apple.