[MAC][WIN] Seafile with shared content - exFAT or NTFS

I use Seafile for a long time now.
I have a Hackintosh and It will be great to have on a exFAT drive a directory Seafile.
On my Mac I try to locate on that exFAT Drive but i’ve got this error :
Seafile exited unexpectedly

So I’ve check the log :
[07/22/20 09:56:22] seaf-daemon.c(504): starting seafile client 7.0.8
[07/22/20 09:56:22] seaf-daemon.c(506): seafile source code version 58838dd5829d20c0c03a4cfe40b8fac371299983
[07/22/20 09:56:22] seafile-session.c(382): client id = 67f483e864f52c3acbdebd4f5a7d3424b33984a5, client_name = unknown
[07/22/20 09:56:22] failed to bind unix socket fd to /Volumes/DATA/Seafile/.seafile-data/seafile.sock : Operation not supported
[07/22/20 09:56:22] seaf-daemon.c(527): Failed to start searpc server.

Any Idea to have on an hard drive both on Windows and MAC a sync shared directory ?

I’ve try to make a symlink on : Seafile/.seafile-data
mv Seafile/.seafile-data/ /Volumes/DATA/Seafile/
mv: Seafile/.seafile-data//seafile.sock: Operation not supported on socket
mv: Seafile/.seafile-data//seafile_client.sock: Operation not supported on socket
mv: /bin/cp: terminated with 1 (non-zero) status

Any Solutions ?

Please someone help me

Just to be sure I understand correctly:
You want to have a common folder for Win and Mac that is also synced by Seafile from both Win and from Mac?
I never tried doing that with Mac, but Dualboot Linux/Windows worked for me - I didn’t share the .seafile-data folder though, I only synced the libraries and let Seafile handle the internals…
My guess is that the internals are not compatible between different OS - but again, that’s just a guess.

Thanks , it’s exactly that. Have a folder sync between 2 OS. When I boot on Mac , Seafile is sync with Z: ; and when I boot on Windows Seafile is sync on Z:

But impossible for now , and i don’t know why . Any idea ?

As far as I understand, your seafile folder with all the settings and the “.seafile-data”-subfolder is also on Z.
My guess is that both OS try to write to the same files but it’s not compatible. What I would try is the following:
Put the default seafile folder on an OS-specific path so that Mac/Win don’t try to overwrite the files. Only put the libraries’ locations (which don’t have to be subfolders of your default seafile folder) on Z.

Hi , I think that will work , but My Mac is almost full and PC the same. I bought an Hard drive and I want to access it on both system.

I’m not saying you can’t do that. The system specific folders could be on Z. Somethink like Z:/SeafileWin and Z:/SeafileMac with all Libraries directly on Z, i.e., Z:/Library1,Z:/Library2, …
Again, unlike with Dropbox, the synced libraries don’t need to be subfolders of your main seafile folder.
At least that’s how I would think it could work. I don’t have a mac let alone a hackintosh…

Good Luck

Sorry , I have tried to install Seafile on Exfat or NTFS drive from my mac but I have these Error :
Seafile exited unexpectly
With the logs above.
I hope to find a solution

I’m not an expert, but i think it would be bacause of the filesystem format exFat. When I open a unix socket in a exFat partition it throws I/O error, similar to when I try to create a symbolic link (which function is not implemented in exFat). Maybe an operation that is necessary for creating a local socket is not avaible in exfat and maybe this server uses Unix sockets.