MacOS Big Sur Seafile Client

Whenever we right-click everywhere in any parts, the seafile client will be closed. No error log.
I know this is still beta os, but just want to raise the issue if needed.

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Same here and the Seafile Drive doesn’t work with Big Sur at all, get a Kernel Loading Error

@GadgetMan I’ve just updated to big sur beta 9 and the seafile client is working well now.

Yes, it does seem more stable, but still a no go on the Seafile Drive, this is a different program.

any news?
I installed final version of Big Sur but Seafile crashes only.
Any hint?

Good news here: SeaDrive 2.0.8 is released! Support for macOS 11

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The sync client works on macOS 11 too. So there is no need to update the sync client.

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