macOS client wont auto sync

Client side log

[10/28/19 21:15:40] sync-mgr.c(559): Repo 'Literature' sync state transition from 'synchronized' to 'committing'.
[10/28/19 21:15:40] repo-mgr.c(3674): All events are processed for repo c0d433d8-011b-4faf-aeea-4dc8f922e7bd.
[10/28/19 21:15:40] sync-mgr.c(559): Repo 'Literature' sync state transition from 'committing' to 'synchronized'.

Syncing has to triggered mannually or setting sync interval to non-zero value. Re-installing client or deleting local config wont fix.
The macOS is running on 10.15. Other clients seem to work fine.

Any help is appriciated!!

The client wont detect changes by modifying PDFs.

Adding or removing files seems to be detected fine.

Hi btc,
welcome to the Seafile Community!
I am not aware of sync problems with the macOS client(s). So I think it is a specific problem with your system.
You state: “Other clients seem to work fine.” Are the mentioned other clients macOS machines? Also: Do you use the sync or the drive client?

By other clients I mean a sealife cli client on ubuntu 18.04. I am using the sync client right now.

What is your macOS version?

Can you tell me where the folder / library is located on your Mac (local drive, external drive, etc.)?

It’s on my local drive, where the OS is installed.