Mail notification for uploaded files (Seafile CE)?


I wonder if I understood Email Sending - Seafile Admin Manual right: When using Seafile CE, is it possible to receive notifications via mail when someone uploaded a file using an upload link to the owner of the upload link?

The problem is: I get notifications in Seahub for file uploads and my mail server works fine so far but I don’t receive any mail notifications for file uploads.

Email notifications is no Pro features (as stated in the list at Email Sending - Seafile Admin Manual). Hence, it should work in Seafile CE too.

I assume your email credentials are not correct. Do you get any error messages in seahub.log? You can also verify your email credentials using a command line tool such as swaks.

Thank you for your reply. Currently there is no seahub.log in seafile/logs/ but I get mail nofitications when I register a new account as expected so the credentials should be fine. The mail account used for sending seafile server notifications and the one I would like to get upload notifications for are from the same mail provider so I think there shouldn’t be any spam filter preventing the mail delivery.