Mail sending log is empty (post_office_log database is empty)

Hi everybody,
I am using seafile version 6.2.5 Pro and my “mail sending log” is empty. For sure audit is enabled in seafevents.conf and all other logs are filled with information.

Is there any hidden parameter in any configuration file that prevents the logging of mails?
I tried:

  • user creation email
  • send public link via seafile
  • upload notification mail

I receive these emails but no mail is logged and for sure the database “seahub-db.post_office_log” (i assume this is the right table) is empty.

Can anybody help?
Best regards

Only some of the mails are logged. E.g. those that send a token to access a share link.

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Hi shoeper,

thanks for the hint.
I activated the function “invite guest” or “share_link_audit” and know I have emails in the logs.

Best regards