Mail subject is "Mot de passe réinitialisé sur"


When you ask for “password forgotten email” in the login page, the subject of the sent email do not contain the name of the file server but the localhost IP and Port.

The SITE_NAME is configured in the file.
Debian 9 + Apache configuration.

How can I change that ?


Hi Jadawin,

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Have you checked the settings menu in System Administration?


I just checked (Settings are disabled by default in the config file) and it’s OK. The right name appears.

BUT emails sent are still with in the subject…

Any other idea ?


Please have a look here: The subject line is not configured in the e-mail settings, but in the e-mail templates. So please check your templates.

Or: The subject line is tampered with by your mail server. What kind of a mail server is that? Is that one you manage?

No more problem after reinstalling seafile 7.1.3 on a new Debian 10 server…

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: