MailService Understanding

Hi all,

I use the seafile/conf/ file with the settings of my external Mailbox to send Emails to everwhere and it works fine.

I would like to use this for also other tasks e.g. monitoring of my server, for example check raid and send a mail when degraded.

I know there are a ton of different Mail utils like Postfix out there, but as my server can already send Emails, I would like to use what is already in place instead of installing and configuring more software.

Can somboady tell me where this mailserver module is located that seafile uses and how I can use it from other scripts on that server.

Any hints welcome, I believe to remember that some little plugin or module is used but I cant remember its name and location.


Use postfix and search for authenticated sending via smtp if you don’t have your own relays.

sendmail or exim is on all severs, if you haven’t removed it or used alpine or void. Maybe you got mails from cronjobs, they need this. I use postfix, since my mail server is on the same as seafile is.

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