Makine seafile aware of new files on the server drive

Hello all,

I am thinking of installing seafile with an AWS S3 backend (I know it is a paid function). We already have many large files on S3, so I was thinking of ways to avoid having to download and upload everything.

First idea was, when installing Seafile to use S3, is there is a way to make seafile aware of files that are already in S3 when installing?

Second idea is to use something like S3QL (mounts S3 as a file system). As above, can Seafile look for files in the hard-drive during of after installation?

If someone here knows of nextcloud, I am thinking of a function similar to occ files:scan.

You can import Files with, but I believe they would be sent through the world and then back. That’s why Seafile don’t save files plain like nextcloud, so it performs much faster and more lightweight. For using seafile like a fs, you can use and SeaDrive.

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I see, makes sense. What happens if the server crashes or the database gets lost? Doesn’t it mean SeaFile can’t be relied on for important data?

You have to backup the database. Small corruption will be fixed by seaf-fsck