Manage Seadrive Icons

I think we should review the management of seadrive icons.

The synchronization icons should be different between download and upload.

Which makes us completely lost.

I couldn’t find a way to find out if he had synchronized the local data on the server.
I have to connect to the web server to really check.

Thank you.

If a file is mark with green tick, it’s synced with the server.

Yes I understand,
But We could have an icon that indicates that it is available on the server but not yet downloaded to the client.

and vice versa.

When everything works well your reasoning seems correct.

But when there are little problems of synchronization, we are in the cosmos on the real synchronization state of seadrive

Please have a look at this blog post: Seafile Drive Client 0.6 is available.

IMHO, SeaDrive already features the icon function you want.

If the icons don’t show, this is no SeaDrive problem. Please have a look here:

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