Manage the Windows Seafile Client with Group Policy

Hey Seafile team,
Is it planned to manage the Windows client via GPO?
Currently, about 200 of our users use the client software, central administration would be very helpful here. For example, specifying a standard library to synchronize or the ability to log in directly with its Windows credentials.

Many thanks.

Hi Torsten,
which client are you talking about? The sync or drive client?
There is an English article in the Seafile Manual about preconfiguration options for Seafile clients. Additionally, there is a German blog post specifically about the SeaDrive client.
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Sorry, I’m talking about the sync client. The " preconfiguration" as reg-settings is not enough for an enterprise environment. No login with Windows credentials, so many manual settings for the end users, including the synchronization of a given library, etc.
For a standard end user, it’s terrible to understand which settings are important and which are not (from everyday life). Here it is time for a central administration, not only reg-settings.

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Dear Team
I want to know if there is any way from SeaFile server to check either the library is synced or not, kindly note i am talking about seafile server not seafile client