Managing Libraries in the Admin-Panel broken for seafile pro 7.1.7?


in the Admin-Panel (web-interface) I can only manage some libraries (sharing, transfer, history, etc.) but to other I have no such settings. Has something changed here since 7.0.11? on my old pro 7.0.11 installation I can manage all libraries in the admin panel.

note: the admin user I use has the default_admin permissions

I enabled “departmen sync from ou”. would that affect the admins permissions? (i hope not)


it turned out on closer inspection, that the admin can indeed manage (sharing, transfer, etc.) libraries owned by users in the admin panel, but NOT libraries owned by departments. @Jonathan is this intended?

This is a designed behaviour in version 7.1. Libraries belong to departments are not meant to be transfered or shared via system admin.

hm, ok I see. so what about the following case:

  1. we have departments and sub-departments
  2. everybody is member of a sub-department
  3. we sync departments (OU) and members from LDAP
    => the departments (in contrast to the subdepartments) have no members and hence no admin
    => nobody can manage sharing of libraries owned by a top-level department, the system admin can only create an delete such libraries

any thoughts? could you make the rights of the system admin to manage department libraries configurable?

best and many thanks,

BTW. I totally understand the reason of restricting management access of the sysadmin. however, there is setting called ENABLE_SYS_ADMIN_VIEW_REPO. if this is enabled, the sysadmin can see the content of department libraries, but not manage them, which in my view is a very inconsistent situation.

I would like to suggest an additional setting like:


if this is true, the sysadmin can manage department repos. if the ENABLE_SYS_ADMIN_VIEW_REPO is also true, the sysadmin can also view the contents.

on the other hand, if ENABLE_SYS_ADMIN_MANAGE_DEPARTMENT_REPO is false, the the sysadmin cannot manage department libraries, and also not view its contents, even if ENABLE_SYS_ADMIN_VIEW_REPO is true.

would that make sense?