Massive deletion of files then 7 days


how can set on Seafile settings, the massive deletion of files then 7 days (based on data created or update files)?


If I get you right, the best way is to sync libraries on server or another PC and write some BASH(Linux) or PowerShell(Windows) script which check time and delete file. Second way is use WebApi OR Python API maybe fast for you


sorry but there is a Seafile setting to do this?

with webapi is not possibile, i can’t check the created date of files and is not good to create a service to do this

there is another solutions?


There is only Garbage Collector which remove deleted files and clean unused file blocks. But why some on will need just delete all files in all libraries which are older then 7 days or I get you wrong?

I think the best way is Python script which allow you to make what you want.

Another solution?

There’s no another way. You can use only API or Bash/PowerShell script in cron and synced library.

This is specific function which no one will use. I can imagine feature like you select folder or file which have to be deleted after selected days, but no auto removing files in whole library there will be only you and maybe some few others which use it, so I don’t see reason to take developers time to implement unsed feature which you can make your self by little script.

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Hi i’ve tested the deletion files with removing file stystem on seafile-data/storage

i view the same list files on backend. i must remove records on db?