Maximum setting of PDF reading pages (seafevents.conf) (Pro version)

When I change the display setting of the pdf page number to 300, and after restarting the server, the setting is always 50 pages when opening a PDF.
How to change the default value to 300.
Thank you
(Seafile 6.0.8 on Debian)

You need to remove the cached content in /tmp/seafile-office-output.

rm -rf /tmp/seafile-office-output/html

Then try again in your browser.

In the / tmp / folder I only have the following folder:

The pdf file is empty, the html folder is empty.
I always have the first 50 pages of the pdf I can read

Can you only see 50 pages or does it say you can only see 50 pages?

See in the second case.

I see that the first 50 pages, the setting is a 300 but it does not work

Can you check how many pages are really being displayed?

I found the bug, that in my setup 100 pages are being shown, but it always says only the first 50 pages would be shown. This looks pretty much like it was forgotten that there is a setting to configure that maximum amount of preview pages, thus it always says only the first 50 pages are being shown (even if it actutally shows more than 50 pages).

I have 50 pages that are displayed. There are no additional pages

We are seeing the same problem - there seems to be no way to increase the pdf file preview page limit above 50 - at least not how it seems from the documentation.
@lins05 - we did clear the cache between tests.

Here it works, but the message always says only 50 pages would be shown (it shows 100 in my case).

And what exactly are your settings in seafevents.conf and

Am currently not at a computer. Am going to have a look next time I am.