Meaning of keep_days?

what is the exact meaning of keep_days?
it is the history length of all repos in days. but what exakt means days? let’s say i set

keep_days = 30

will this mean i keep 30 revisions of a file or does it mean it will keep 30 days? so what is with a file that is two month old and i change it. will i lost the two month old version and only “keep” the last recent as it is in the 30 days limit?


This setting defines the days how long you can “look” back at a older version of a file. If you set this to 30 days, all versions that exist for the files in this library can be restored / will be saved on the server for this time. So if you change a file 100 times in these 30 days, you will have 100 versions to restore.

ok, it really means days. so i can few the last 30 days. 30 days = 1 calendar month.
it does not mean keep any last 30 days it means keep the last recent 30 days. right?

Yes completely right. If you delete something and the time is over, the file is still on the server, so you have to run the gc, see:

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