Migrate a single library to another storage backend

Thanks to a hint from haikuo I now have a working multiple storage backend setup.

Now the next question is how do I migrate existing repos from one backend to another. Our Seafile system contains about 25 TB of data, which means that offline migration is out of the question - the downtime is prohibitive. Is there a recommended way to online-migrate a single (or all) repo(s) to another storage backend?

Ping @scheff - he has written a (sophisticated) script for exactly that. Maybe he is willing to strip it from assumptions about our ecosystem and publish it.

I’m happy to share the script. Give a day or two to prepare it.

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Thanks a lot! I’ve some ideas how to do that, but it would be a lot of work.



you can download the script from our Seafile server:



This script migrates all libraries of a user from one storage backend to another


./moveLibraryToStorageBackend --mode info    --library UUID 
./moveLibraryToStorageBackend --mode migrate --library UUID --source STORAGE --target STORAGE
./moveLibraryToStorageBackend --mode cleanup --library UUID --source STORAGE

optional parameters

mode info:    [--config FILE] 
mode migrate: [--config FILE] [--dry-run] [--verbose] [--safety-period SECONDS] [--up-to SIZE]
mode cleanup: [--config FILE] [--dry-run] [--verbose]


Called without any parameters this script just displays this help text

-c, --config
a config file; defaults to moveLibraryToStorageBackend.conf if this parameter is omitted

-d, --dry-run
don’t actually migrate or clean up libraries, just show what would to be done

-h, --help
display this help text

display this help text and additional information about this script

-m, --mode MODE
Set the main mode of this script; mandatory; valid modes are:

   - info       : Shows basic information like name, type, storage backend of libraries
   - migrate    : Migrates libraries from one to another storage backend
   - cleanup    : Deletes already migrated libraries on the old storage backend

-l, --library UUID
The UUID of a library that should be migrated; which can be one of the following:

   - UUID                 - to select a single library 
   - oldest-unused:NUMBER - to select the number of libraries that are unused, i.e. not modified longest
   - user:EPPN            - to select all libraries of a user

-p, --safety-period SECONDS
seconds that a library has to be unchanged before it is migrated

   if omittet this parameter defaults to 3600 seconds

-s, --source STORAGE
the storage-id of the current storage, mandatory for modes migrate and cleanup

   valid storage ids are: nfs_data and nfs_001 to nfs_008

-t, --target STORAGE
the storage-id of the target storage, mandatory for mode migrate

   valid storage ids are: nfs_data and nfs_001 to nfs_008

-u, --up-to SIZE
maximum size of all migrated libraries in MByte to avoid consuming the entire space
of the target partition

-v, --verbose
verbose output

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Hey @scheff ,
I am interested in your script.
Unfortunately the link no more works.
Could you please create a new one?

In 7.1.4 Pro edition, we’ll officially support migrating library from one backend to another. The documentation is on its way.


Hey @Jonathan , any news about the documentation for migrating libraries?
Im interested in migrating libraries from s3 to local storage.

The procedure has been updated to the multiple storage backend documentation.

Unfortunately the documentation still cannot be found using Google.