Migrate ccnet-db.EmailUser to new installation

I am currently working on a customers site where the virtual machine that seafile pro was running on, completely crashed. Even the seafile-data storage on the storage backend failed.
After a completely new installation of seafile pro I am now asked to recreate the users from a database backup the customer still has.
I was able to extract the complete table from the old ccnet-db and inserted the users into the new ccnet-db.
Seafile starts without problems but seems unable to find the users from ccnet-db.EmailUser.
Admin-Settings only shows “1 user/1 active/50 Accounts”

Are there other tables or fields that need to be added?

I know that it’s possible to Import users from CSV files, but then the passwords will have to be renewed, which is what we try not to do… :wink:

Thanks all for your thoughts and best regards

Why not import the users via CSV and then overwrite the values in the DB again. this way Seafile does whatever it needs to make users visible and you still have the pws.
Never tried, just an idea.

don’t forget to disable sending activation mails and disable force pw change on first login.

And please setup backup for the client!:koala:

I would, honestly! :smiley:
The customer is running an ESXi Environment with ~20 virtual hosts. They had their seafile file storage on a small NAS though… Please don’t ask me why…

Importing a CSV and overwriting the passwords sounds like a good idea. I could have come up with this… :smiley:

Still, I’d like to hear what @Jonathan or @daniel.pan have to add to this…
For example I could imagine that the secret key affects the password in some way… Who knows…


Usually they want everything for nothing. :non-potable_water:

Trial and error, did you try it already? You can do snapshots so this should work. :slight_smile:

You can copy the hashed password from one database to another database. The salt is saved in the hashed password. So the user can use the original password to login.

thanks @daniel.pan !
That’s good news already.

But is it - in general - possible to just dump the EmailUser table and insert it to a news installation?

This is okay.

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