Migrate external harddrive from Raspberry Pi 3 to RPI4

I’m fairly new to Seafile.

I installed the version not long ago, using a Raspberry Pi3 with an external HDD. I chose the sqlite version, although perhaps the mysql version would be better?

I upgraded it to a Pi4, and have mounted the external harddrive at the same location as it was mounted on the Pi3.

How do I configure seafile to use this existing seafile/seahub data, both of which are on the external HDD. I don’t want to lose any data.

Thanks, Brock

Did you try using a symbolic link?

See man 1 ln

I have heard of people sthat we’re able to recover seafile with only the data and not having the SQL database. But I don’t know how that worked, you would need to search here.
Personally, I would try to migrate to MySQL on the old PI first, then move DB and data folder to the new PI

I still have access to the old machine.

What I wanted to know was just what is the recommended procedure for moving Seafile from one server to another.

I can (potentially) put external harddrives on both PIs, and synchronise the data, if that is the recommended process. I wanted to buy a new HD anyway. It’s only 2TB of data or so.

To migrate or restore a seafile basically you need two things:
-The DB
-The Data folder

Search the forum for threads where people have done this I remember a Handful of threads where people done this

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Just my 2 cents, I’d love to see an export/Import function … Its been so long since I touched the back end of my seafile instalation or looked at whats new that this may already exists

Some day when I have $$$ to spare I may buy bigger drives and use a Pi

MySQL dump and restore is easy maybe one hour if your never done it.
Moving the data folder is limited by HDD performance and interface.
Reinstall seafile 10 minutes.

I like the idea that I only need these to parts to move my seafile. Exporting is not needed in my opinion

It’s takes some time but, see it as a hobby and enjoy it on a Sunday :grin: